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I created or wrote these items over a number of years. They carry the branding of the organization that I was involved with at the time that I created it. Some of the web sites referenced are still on the web but have become dormant.

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About Management and Business 
"Enterprise Model of Organizational Culture" PDF One page model of the factors that underlie and shape an enterprise's culture.

  Any one interested in organizational culture

"Decisions, Decisions: How Do We Make Decisions"

Voice Over

get PDF here

also on You Tube

A 5 minute, 25 slide presentation (classic Ignite format) made by Roelf Woldring at Ignite Waterloo 6 on how we make decisions. Insight into different ways we do this will increase your interpersonal effectiveness in teams and as a manager of others.


"Power to the Edge"
(a new approach to creating more agile organizations)

PDF Applies the Edge Organization ideas used by the Pentagon's Command and Control Research Program to frame the thinking about a major business transformation project. The Edge organization principles, in a military context, were explained in "Power to the Edge" by David S. Alberts and Richard E. Hayes (2003). Many of the Edge organization principles are helpful in the context of modern health care organizations.

  Any one interested in organizational culture
"Effective Enterprise Leader Performance" PDF Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey published Lead/Self, a self insight tool that has been used by millions of business professionals to get clear on their personal group leadership style, in the 1980s. Contingency leadership theory also applies at the enterprise level, although the conceptual framework needed to frame it requires insight into leadership competencies.

  Any one interested in leadership
"What's Wrong with Leadership Training Anyway?" PDF Providing leadership training may not be the best way to spend scare training dollars.
Published on the web site.

  Any one interested in leadership
"Facilitating Meetings" PDF Everyone attends meetings. We all "learn" most of our meeting participation and management skills "on the fly" through "on-the-job" attendance at meetings where we absorb things that seem to work (or not) from others. This book  takes a structured approach to developing meeting participation and meeting management skills. (Work in progress.)

  Any one who chairs, runs or attends business meetings.
"A Manager's Short Primer on Resistance to Change in Organizations" PDF Every manager makes change of some kind, and every manager experiences resistance to it. This primer provides some guidelines on ways of responding to resistance.
Published in the OD Section on the web site.

  Any one involved in organizational change.
Short Articles on Business Topics All PDF   Business Professionals and Educators
"Technical Writing ... or Getting Paid to Write (Sometimes)" PDF A June 2005 invited presentation on Technical Writing at the Canadian Authors' Association Annual Conference.

  Aspiring Writers

"Turning Around Organizations: A How To Guide."

Turning Around Organizations


The Book on Turning around organizations is an art which takes both smarts and experience. Unfortunately, there are few books on the topic. This short book is the exception. Roelf Woldring has been involved in organizational turnarounds as a senior consultant and as the turnaround leader. He has dialogued with others who have been in these roles. In these pages, he distills his own and their experience into set of frameworks and guidelines that will be valuable to others engaged in organizational turnarounds.. This is a practical "how to guide" for change sponsors, turnaround leaders and the people inside and outside an organization undergoing turnaround.   Investors, Turn Around Professionals

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