Horse Related and Other Photography Projects

Event or Occasion
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Slide Show
Polo at Justin Fogarty's JF
Dressage at Palgrave Dressage at Palgrave 2010
"Foot Races" at Riverview Stables in Fergus Foot Races

Technical Notes:
The Photodex slide shows were produced using ProShow Producer or Gold. You may need to download and install Photodex Presenter to view it.
Instructions on how to do so will come up the first time you access one of these shows. Unfortunately, this is a Windows only piece of software.
Image post processing was done in Lightroom 2 or 3, mostly to correct exposure, make crops and add lens corrections.
Lightroom was also used to produce the Flash galleries.

The cameras I currently use are a Nikon D300 and a Nikon D200, with a variety of lenses. Occasionally, I use a Canon G11 in these shoots.
I tend to shoot in existing light, using the high ISO capabilities of these digital cameras to avoid flash in most situations.

Use of these Images:
You may download a single copy of these images for your own personal, NON-COMMERCIAL use.
If you find you cannot, and you want any of them, please contact me.
Generally, depending on my time commitments (i.e. as soon as I can given work commitments and photography projects),
I will send you a low resolution JPEG that you can use on your computer.

High resolution JPEGs suitable for printing are a little more complicated.
Send me an e-mail telling me what you want to use it for, and we will work something out.

I am also in the process (July 17th) of developing a relationship with a printer who can produce high quality art prints in various sizes.
The cost will be based on the printers' cost of printing plus a percentage for my time to make the arrangements.

Unless otherwise indicated, I take these photographs in public settings. Therefore, they are suitable for editorial use. If I do anything different, I collect model releases when appropriate. Those images (almost none in my current photographic practice) can be used commercially. That may change in the coming months.

Please contact me at 1.416.427.1567 or by electronic mail.

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