About me

My background:

I am an entrepreneur, author, consultant and educator. I write both professional material, and more and more in the last years, fiction. There is a web site up under the pseudonym that I use for my fiction. I hope that you will try to find it. Because my consulting audience and client are very different from the audience that I hope to reach with my fiction, I keep the two efforts separated. .

The Photographs:

I am fascinated by the natural world around us. My spirituality is strongly focused on the natural world. I meditate with a camera, and particularly like dynamic portraits (people working or creating art) and close up macro work.

I have been making images for close to 25 years. The digital evolution in photography is giving me the chance to share the way I see the world with others. Like so many others, I have made the switch to digital, and my film cameras have become relics.




The yellow finches used to be with me at our former home and office near Hillsburgh from late April - early May through the middle of September. Their beauty and energetic behavior provided me with many hours of summer delight.


My Family:

I also work and play with horses and dogs. I find them a huge change from working with people. Words, verbal logic, and progressive argument do not work with dogs or horses.

If you push horses too hard, they simply get scared. If you push dogs too hard, they simply drop into pack submission behavior. Neither gives you their best when they do this. As a result of learning to communicate with them, I have learned a lot about how to more effectively communicate with people.

I live in southwestern Ontario.



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