"Facilitating Meetings":
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The Status of The Book



I have not worked on this book for a number of years. It gets downloaded now and them, so I have decided to leave it here for those of who want it.

This book is now about 300 pages long. I have posted a PDF version of the working draft here. Please feel free to download a copy for your personal use. If you do so, you are contracting to do the following. Please acknowledge that by sending me an email that tells me that you are downloading the book. By doing so, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following.

  1. You will not use this material for any commercial or academic (i.e. teaching) purpose without contacting me for explicit, written permission.
  2. You will not make more than 1 electronic or paper copy of this book.

downloading meeting styles

Meeting Styles Working Draft Version 1.5




This image was taken at Luther Marsh in Ontario, Canada during the very cold winter of 2003, after the trees have been covered in frozen ice fog. Diatan is out on the lake exploring.


Luther Marsh was about 30 minutes northwest of the house in Hillsburgh where I lived until November of 2010. I spent many weekend mornings there walking with the dogs. It was one of Diatan's favorite places. He used to run on the lake in the winter at top speed for the sheer joy of it. I can still see and enjoy him in my mind.

Luther Marsh is a great wild fowl migratory stop over spot. In the fall of 2003, I will walking there on a foggy-snowy day when I heard a intense soft swishing sound behind me. I turned to see six Trumpeter swans flying down the lake. The sound was the air moving through their wings. It is a visual and auditory memory that I will carry until I die.

This grew out on the back deck in the summer of 2004.

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