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I created or wrote these items over a number of years. They carry the branding of the organization that I was involved with at the time that I created it. Some of the web sites referenced are still on the web but have become dormant.

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About E-Learning and E-Learning Skill Development Programs         
"The Know That / Know How To / Know Why Model of Knowledge" PDF

This simple distinction confounds many e-learning content designers and educators. Each kind of knowing requires a different teaching / educating / coaching approach in order to be effective.

This is a one page summary clarifies these differences. Understanding them is a key element in creating effective educational content.

"Making Effective Decisions About Developing E-Learning Content" Voice Over

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Designing and developing effective e-learning content requires skills that go beyond instructional design or curriculum development. E-learning content developers must make decisions about design balances that consider variations in individual learning style, delivery program delivery technologies, graphic / media design concerns & program creation and delivery costs. This voice over, and the supporting white paper, lays out the issues and the choices.


E-Learning Developers;
Talent Management Professionals;
Instructional / Curriculum Designers;
Executives considering E-Learning options

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