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I created or wrote these items over a number of years. They carry the branding of the organization that I was involved with at the time that I created it. Some of the web sites referenced are still on the web but have become dormant.

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About Information Technology, IT Architecture and Project Management 

"Learning Organizations, Work Flow and IT" Voice Over

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Organizations use a wide variety of computer business applications to do their day to day business. Automated business work flow capture and "hide" reasons for the sequence of events and reasons for decisions at particular points in this sequence in computer code. Automated business work flows are a "knowledge sink". When changes are made to the automated work flow, management and staff need to be "reminded" of the underlying business rules which have been captured in the automation code, and the reasons for change.

As a result, there is a need for a careful integration between what the IT professionals and the Talent Development / Learning Professionals in the organization are doing. Changes to business work flows need to be tightly coupled to the roll out of organizational change related learning. But this need is not well recognized, resulting in a loss of money, de-motivation and missed opportunity in most modern organizations.

  Talent Management and IT Executives;
Learning / E-Learning and IT Professionals
"IT Project Risk Management Framework"

Voice Over

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A framework which can be used to assess the risk factors in individual projects. As well, it can be used to look at the comparative risk versus the business benefits profile of all of the current projects that are underway in an enterprise.

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IT Professionals;
Business Professionals involved in Projects

"The Organization Structure Needed to Make Enterprise Architecture Work In Large IT Organizations" Voice Over

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Enterprise architecture (EA) can have tremendous bottom line payoff for large organizations. But implementing enterprise architecture, especially over a number of years, is not easy. The Enterprise's organization structure must set up to allow this to happen effectively. Without this, enterprise architecture simply does not deliver business benefits.

C-Level Executives;
IT Professionals;
Business Professional

"Managing Pilot Projects"


IT Pilot Projects tend to become forever projects. That does not need to be the case. The management and decision making framework that will keep IT pilot project as "pilots" is not hard to implement.

  C-Level Executives;
IT Professionals;
Business Professionals
"Handbooks for New Members of Automation Project Steering Committees" PDF IT projects - especially software development projects, often go over budget and over time. Project steering committees are set up to avoid these common occurrences. To make them effective, new members of such committees, particularly if they are from the "business", need guidance on their role and the decisions they face as members.

  C-Level Executives;
IT Professionals;
Business Professionals
"CIOs, Accountabilities and Competencies: The Key to Avoiding A Short Half Life" Henley Management College Working Paper CIO turnover is very high in many organizations. Internal dynamics, and a failure of the part of hiring executives and executive search professionals to grasp the role and the competencies needed to do it are among the key reasons for this disruptive trends.

  C-Level Executives;
IT Professionals;
Business Professionals

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