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About Social Issues
About Social Issues


I created or wrote these items over a number of years. They carry the branding of the organization that I was involved with at the time that I created it. Some of the web sites referenced are still on the web but have become dormant.

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About Influencing Political Stakeholders and Social Issues
"Influencing Stakeholders: Making sure that those who count are aware that you count"

Voice Over

Individuals working on projects and endeavors that need "support" from public figure stakeholders need to include explicit elements in their activities that get this needed support from these people. That requires understanding the "what counts" for such stakeholders, and framing benefits statements in this "stakeholder" language. It also means be very aware of when to send these "we count" messages, since innovative approaches impact differently on and are taken up at different times by "champions, early adopters, the early majority, the late majority and laggards".

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"If It is Broken, Fix It"
If It Is Broken, Fix It

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The blogs (essays) in this collection are intended to provoke thought and dialogue. They first appeared on

These reflections on experience address topics such as:

- the real requirements for lasting organizational change,
- managing and measuring, or how to improve managing through realistic measuring,
- selecting senior organizational leaders,
- the fit between a business's nature and the abilities of its CEO

As well, there are essays on social issues such as:

- the marginalization of older workers in the workplace,
- the FaceBook IPO,
- the Canadian elections,


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