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I created or wrote these items over a number of years. They carry the branding of the organization that I was involved with at the time that I created it. Some of the web sites referenced are still on the web but have become dormant.

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About Talent Search and Recruiting           (Go Back to Top of Page)
"How Do I Find the Talent I Need?

Voice Over

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Hiring Managers have to find the talent they need to get work done well. Recruiters, whether in-house or out-house, help them in that process. However, recruiting for well established roles is very different from recruiting for new ones, whether or not those new roles are in well established organizations or in new, rapidly growing ones. Insight into these differences will allow hiring managers to work more effectively with recruiters to make sure that the people they hire are the right ones.   Managers who are recruiting talent. But also, candidates, who need to understand the large differences between the approach of recruiters who hire for well established roles and those of recruiters who look for people for new roles.

"Recruiting is Changing: The Impact of the Internet and The Economy" PDF Changes in the economy and new tools on the Internet are changing recruiting. Today, instead of being a single professional discipline, recruiting breaks into 4 distinct types. Hiring decision makers and people looking for work as employees or contractors need to understand each, so that they can participate effectively.

  Everyone, but especially leaders and professionals in talent based organizations.
"Go Total Talent Management or Go Bust!" PDF New talent management practices, ones which deal with the values and employment attitudes of today's talented professionals are badly needed. The practices which developed during the "baby boomer" era will simply not do the job. Total Talent Management is an integrated, aligned talent management approach which responses effectively to these challenges.

  Everyone, but especially leaders and professionals in talent based organizations.

"Hiring Talent: The Tough Job of Staffing Knowledge Work Positions"

PDF What you need to do successfully hire knowledge workers (e.g. IT professional, engineers, life science professionals, etc. .... ).  

Business Executives in Innovative Organizations;
HR Professionals

"Recruiting For Innovation" Voice Over

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Traditional recruiting techniques may work for organizations that have well established processes and practices, but they do not find the talent needed by organizations that need to be innovative.  

Board Members;
Chief Talent Officers;
C-Level Executives;

The Right Fit: Investing in Leaders for Start Ups, Break Outs, and Turnarounds" Voice Over

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The leaders of start ups, break outs and turnarounds need different sets of competencies, since the business requirements in each situation are different. Summarizing the experience of CEOs, investors and researchers, this presentation allows hiring decision makers and professional recruiters to focus their recruiting activity appropriately. Board Members;
Chief Talent Officers;
Chief Human Resource Officers;
other C-Level Executives;

"Approach to Interviewing Senior Manager Candidates":
A Discussion Between Two Hiring Managers

Animated Video Clip

also on You Tube

Two peer managers about to play squash talk about how to interview a candidate for a plant manager's job. This is an example of the "in context" hiring process that provides insight into what a person will actually do on the job if the person is the successful candidate.  

Professional Recruiters;
HR Recruiters

"The Steep Cost of Hiring Mistakes - Avoiding Bad Hires" PDF Hiring mistakes do not just cost money, they also impact the morale and performance of co-workers. Avoiding them is possible with care and performance based hiring processes.  

Executives and Managers;
Recruiting professionals;
Individuals looking for new career opportunities

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