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Fiction Writing as
Dirk Iver

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Roelf Woldring

There are two versions of my "Around Guelph Lake - Fall 2015" slide show. One had been produced in Photodex Producer, incorporating slide transitions.The music comes from Photodex.

The second was produced in Adobe Lightroom, and is a more traditional full image slide slide. The music is from Purple Music.

Both run as videos.

Producer Version


Slide Show Version


In September of 2105, the Guelph Rowing Club hosted its annual 911 Regatta. Members of the Guelph Police Services, Fire Services and Paramedic Services form teams. After two hours of instruction, they compete out on Guelph Lake.

911 Regatta

Katie's Challenge to Chess Players

Learning from Models:
A Summer
Photographic Journey







I started to shoot in my late teens with a Kodak box camera. Now, digital cameras allow me to post images on the web. Please enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed making these images.

Technical Note 1:
The Photodex slide shows were produced using ProShow Producer or Gold. You may need to download and install Photodex Presenter to view it. Instructions on how to do so will come up the first time you access one of these shows. Unfortunately, this is a Windows only piece of software.

Technical Note 2:
Adobe Lightroom was used to produce the Flash galleries and do the image post processing. Mostly, this consists of color correction, cropping, and lens correction. The more I use Lightroom, and the more it evolves, the more I am glad that we have gone digital.

Technical Note 3:
The cameras I currently use are a Nikon D300 and a Nikon D200, with a variety of lenses. I tend to shoot in existing light, using the high ISO capabilities of these digital cameras to avoid flash in most situations.
Since I used manual exposure camera for years, I still tend to meter and set my exposure settings in manual mode.

I started to work on the Hob Hoberly /Suzan Fraser series of novels over 10 years ago. But then things in my life derailed me from focusing and completely the first one. Since then I have done the treatments for 4 novels. I am currently working on the first, "The Fourth of July Game".



I will publish these books under the name "Dirk Iver" to keep them separated from my business and social writing. Click on the image to go to the
Dirk Iver

The Dirk Iver Web Site



My life has changed a great deal over the last 8 years. I have transitioned from being a partner in a committed life long relationship to being by myself again. Although I can live by myself, I miss the sense of and involvement with family that I had through my partnership.






I have been senior consultant and executive in for profit and not for profit organizations. These days, I work withn people in both kinds of organizations to increase their personal skills and upgrade their organizational effectivness.


I have come to believe that we as a society need to develop and to expand our skills and our structures for cooperative organizations that operate locally, but use the Internet to connect globally.

I now believe that education is about to undergone a profound paradigm shift as people in the third world begin to explore the potential of the Internet for sharing knowledge and expanding ability cheaply.

Underneath it all this, I still need to make a living. My life has evolved in such a way that I don't have the pension associated with a stable, life long career with a single organization or in a single profession like teaching.

I think the next 30 years will be ones of profound change. The Web 3.0, 4.0 ... , and the Internet’s future generations will dramatically alter the shape of the world we live in. We are no longer a "global village", but more and more live in a "right now" interactively connected world.

I am deeply curious to see how the "tribal ways" with which we evolved as social creatures over thousands of years, and which are deeply and genetically ingrained in the physiological structures of our brains, will cope with the challenges of each of us living simultaneously in multiple, shifting tribes which span the entire globe.

Mostly, I am optimistic about the future, especially when I think about the tremendous amount of creativity available in the young of the third world, which the Internet is about to unleash.

But I am not always this hopeful, especially when I listen to the news, and hear about the violence that originates from the backwards-looking, territory-limited tribal minds of the primitive, "want to be alpha" males who seem to be the political leaders in many parts of our world.

I am also constantly confounded by our inability use our abstract intellect to see beyond the limitations of our emotional and social evolution. This has certainly been the case in my own personal life.

When I was younger, I read David Hume's philosophical writings with much care and insight. More than ever, it now seems to me that we need to be creating social dialogue structures that are no longer bound by his insight (to paraphrase him slightly) that "our personal reason is the slave of our personal emotions."

Contact me if any of this resonates with you, or if you are interested in exploring alternative ways for so called "seniors" in South Western Ontario to live in ways that go beyond the "traditional couple" and create broader communities dedicated to meeting our personal, social, sensual, and financial needs.


You can find out a lot more about the "academic me" and the way that I work with students and peers here. Much as I would like to teach again in business school environment, 5 years of "applying" have completely discouraged me from continuing the search. It just does not make sense to me that business schools seem totally fixated on hiring only young tenure track academics, many of whom do not have any business experience. Many of them go B.Comm to MBA to PHD or DBA without evey getting any substantive experience in business.

But after networking about this in the past 3 years, it is clear to me that this pattern, reinforced by "peer based" hiring committees, makes it almost inevitable that older individuals like me, who have a mixed academic and business background, have little to no chance of succeeding at landing either a full time or part time faculty position through the conventional academic hiring process. While it makes sense to me for many academic disciplines, it seems somewhat foolish to me for business schools not to enrichen their faculites with individuals who can bring both business experience and academic capability.

I believe that business schools are as much about coaching and mentoring as they are about research. I also believe that qualitative research and complex research programs conducted by research teams is crucial to gaining real insight business dynamics. The instance that I always like to reference is the research work which lead to Jim Collins' "Good to Great".



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